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Dec 05, 2005


judy schuster

I went to the bobs and lolo sight and your right they are great....I think Anna would love that cd....i didn't know if it could be ordered on line because the only stores i saw, was in bc..... I wish they were here in US, that is a great party idea.....


Hi Jen - we're not stalking you! I noticed all the hits on our website that originated from your blog (we get a weekly stat report on mondays), and I thought I'd see where all the interest was coming from! You must have a few friends around the world - I think your posting tripled our international 'hits'!

Your Sista

OMG... I am completely upset that I'm missing so many amazing times!!! I wish I lived closer!

Wow, a concert party, that's soooo coool!!! Paige has got it all! First the Doodle Bops, now Bobs & Lolo. I'm jealous!

Jen "this is my blog" McEachern

Thanks Bobs and Lolo!!
I don't know how you found my blog but I'm glad you did. You are too welcome. I don't know who was more excited about your visit, Paige or myself :0) I nearly rushed the stage and grabbed a mic during your performance!!
It was great.

Bobs & Lolo

Thanks for the kind comments about our music! We had a great time with all the kids. It was definitely our most energetic & enthusiastic "dance party" to date...due in large part to Paige & Elizabeth;)


Glad to see everyone had such a good time!! :)

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