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Dec 17, 2005



Hey Y'all! Thanks for the info on poppycock. I'll have to bug Jen for the recipe.



Your Sista

BTW... Nolan is an adorable baby!!! He could be an Anne Geddes Kid for sure! (That one pic of him behind the chair, he looks so roly poly and naked! LOL)

Your Sista

I really should have planned a trip to see you guys this Christmas (either that or a trip to Vegas, I guess!)

Glad you had fun with the girls! You need more time out!

Jen (owner of the blog)

Deb, Poppycock is a brand name of carmel or candied corn usually with nuts. My homemade version is a lot more chewy though and very, very sinful. I love it.


Around this house poppycock rules and so does bark, as in chocolate ( white or dark ) everyone just loves the festive season of overeating but we are trying to be more moderate this year as the treadmill will overheat with all the extra work in 2006 !!!! HaPpY ChRiStMaS to all
Dad XoxoxoxoX


Huh. I didn't know you could eat "poppycock," since I've only heard it in a sentence such as "Don't you give me that poppycock!" As in nonsense.

So, this ignorant girl wants to know - Just what is poppycock?

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