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Jan 12, 2006



I have got to admit, when I thought I had an annonymous blog, it was much more interesting because I was more free with what I said about my own thoughts and feelings and about people in my life.

But what I found out is that someone determined to find your blog can usually find it even if you only use first names and since it is on the internet, it can be read by anyone who finds it and mine was. So...it is just a public one from here on out. But, that is ok too.


A good reminder for everyone indeed. It's a tough line to walk. I worry about the weirdos on the 'net that exist. But at the same time, I guess if they REALLY wanted to find me, they probably could. But still, I worry a bit.

And I did get your email. I'm lovin' the idea. I just need to finish the two massive cans of folgers I recently purchased...so we may need to revisit this in the near future. Thanks!!


By the way I like your new look.......


Yes, I too wonder if I use things that are to personal....I guess I feel comfortable with the blogger friends that I have, but forget that everyone can read it... I have read some Xanga posts when my granddaughter had one, and they do tell all......

Fit Girl

Suz is totally right Jen! LOLOLOL


Oh come on Jen! You are underestimating your kids talents! Paige already knows how to use the computer, I'd be surprised if she didn't already have a blog :)LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Jen (this is my blog) McE

i use my real name, and I don't mind posting pictures but i'm not going to post half naked pictures of my children for freaks to look at. I'm comfortable with my place on the net, for now.


That article is a good reminder to all of us. I often wonder if I include too much personal information on my blog. I try to keep it fairly anonymous by not using my real name, but I wonder whether I should be using pictures of myself and my family.

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