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Jan 23, 2006


reluctant housewife

You guys are friends? I'm jealous! Fun pics...

Bada Bing

I love your pictures and I agree, they are special...the second one is sooooo nice. I'm working to develop a great eye like you have for photos.


That is so cool that you are from PA!?!?!?

How long has it been since you moved?? I was just in Melfort over the holidays and have relatives in Birch Hills. This is so neat.

LOVE the photos, by the way:)

Jen (this is my blog) McE

Suz I love these photos so much I am considering a special scrap book page to honour them. I'm NOT kidding!!


I could just kill you right now! I am such a dork, but you didn't have to show the world! haha ;~)

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