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May 01, 2006



I see blue on the outside and white background under that playmobile toys. You're blog is much more creative than mine. I am a little tech limited. I have more options but not much time to work it all out.



Doesn't stay for me. Maybe it's our computer settings. I used to love those little guys too. I remember trying to pull the hair off.

Undercover Angel

The blue stays for me! It looks great.


The blue disappears for me, and I am using Firefox 1.5! Your layouts always look so cool!!


the blue dissapears on me. Booo

Looks great! The figurines remind me of you and Paige... you standing on your head just to get Paige to laugh or stop crying! LOL
Sound about right?


The blue stays for me too. The page looks good!


I like the new look very much. My browser shows the lt blue as 1" vertical stripes on either side of the text/blog.

Overall, I think it's a nice change!


It looks Very light blue to me,
hope you had a good sleep
as well as your little creepers too.
ha ha


The blue stays for me! Looks good!

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