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Jul 11, 2006



hope the ankle is feeling better. There are tons of activities you can do to strengthen your ankles. while i sit at my desk i spell out the alphabet with my big toe. that helps with the ankle as well as shin strength and can be done while you are doing other things!


With your ankle sprain, we'll have to take it easy... but the swimming will be great!

I can't wait to inspire you :)


Jen, Those sprain type of injuries seem to be hard to see, even after a xray a few years ago they said I had a level 3 sprain but It turned out I had a broken bone in the ankle someplace and Then it was too late to caste or anything - just live with it,they said ! but at least i knew why i had the months of pains--
I think you will get the brace working good and you will Cleanse everything.. I Pray.. Godspeed as the ankles are not funny if they hurt all the time..
Keep up the good work, you made it through yesterday and you'll make it through today.
DadiO xoxo


So sorry to hear about your ankle...been there, done that too and it does take a longgggg time to heal! Try to stay off it as much as you can...I know, easier said than done right?! lol The ankle brace will certainly help! You take care of yourself!!

island Jen

It's may be too late to ice it Suz, but it's not too late to use a brace to stabilize the ankle to prevent re-injury. I still think he was a dork. :0)


The Doc didn't tell you that because you waited too long! you should have been icing it as well...silly girl!! The reason why I know so much about injuries is because I have had MANY myself, lets just say that the physios weren't surprised to see me. That's what happens when you are an athlete I guess.


Ugh. Injuries like that can be so difficult. As for doctors, my view is that while they do know a lot and that is what they are being paid for, they dont know everything. And they dont have the same incentive to research problems as you do. So good for you for doing the research!


One thing....don't ever sleep with the ankle brace on....been there, done that and found out how painful that can be.

When my boy was still in the crib, I sprained my ankle severely (probably a 3 according to your scale) and the next couple mornings when I attempted to get out of bed to get the babe, I collapsed by the bed wondering how I would manage to get to him to get him from the crib. I did find out that with a little movement, it does loosen up and let a person walk.

Sympathy comes your way as I know how it feels with two active tykes.

Don't let that Jess overwork your ankle..lol. I know she won't, she's too knowledgeable to do that!

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