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Jul 28, 2006



Wow! Paige and Nolan are making such HUGE steps! You've got every right to be proud. Kisses to both of them from me!

And that picture? Absolutely, positively, completely precious. I love it!


A Floating Frog...how neat is that?!! Yeahhhhhhh for Paige:-) I learned how to swim when I was 2 years old...my parents had a camp with a beach so I was forever in the water with my 4 brothers:-) As for Nolan, when they start talking, then there's no shutting them up!! lol


Sounds like a plus to me, to become a fLooting froggee,,, I'm proud of you too pAIGE as I never learnt to swim and almost drownd when I was 12....my response was to stay out of the watter till I learnt to swim ( do the have dry land swimming lessons???
I'll have to learn when we move to B.C, in my nother life


Floating Frog!!! Whoo Hoooo, How adorable. It's lovely hearing about your kids. Cheers to Nolan for his Tink's too!


That's great! I knew Paige would pass! (she's prtty excited to paste all those badges somewhere I can just tell!) Terll her her Aunty is proud of her!

And tell Noly he's a doll! Keep teaching him new words! :) He'll be as much trouble as Paige in no time ;)


Way to go Paige! I wish E was as interested in swimming as Paige is - I am a water baby and would love to actually swim with Elizabeth rather that "save" her. Oh wel I guess it will come in time. Can you please teach Nolan how to say "I love you Suz"?? What a cutie pie :)

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