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Jul 31, 2006



HAHAHAHA. I wonder if she's mentioned that "Granpa Al smokes weeds" to many other people? ; )


Hahaha. That is priceless!


Kid are soooo cute. They go right to the core of things, don't they?

Okay, Jen, here it goes - I tagged you in my latest post. But, I'm apologizing in advance. See the post and follow the guidelines (and have some fun with it!). I know you've been tagged before, but it's been a while...

Tnx! :-)


As I read your posting I was trying to figure what Paige was up to, and no-wonder i was confused, I'm sure the neihbors love me when I do that--- Must be a touch of Earth - wind and fire in me.. don't yo love that smell when you get back from a rained- out camper-trip ... lol


We gotta do something about the cigars - maybe smoke a couple ourselves (after the baby) in front of the guys while they are sleeping so they can get a taste of how discusting it is - HAHAHA!
I hate the smell of burning grass clippings, bleh!!


Out of the mouths of babes....lol Too cute!!


Paige is too funny! She thinks of the darndest things!

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