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Jul 27, 2006



yoga pics of paige please ;) I am amazed how much my abs that don't seem to exist can hurt for so long after even a brief ab session!


i did the double knee replacement last october. no picnic, but TOTALLY worth it!


I recently encorporated some Yoga stuff into my daily routine and I feel so much better. So far I've been lower back pain free for almost a week. It's great stuff.



I've never tried yoga but I've heard it's very relaxing and a great exercise! Wishing your dad the very best of luck with his knee surgery!!!


Good luck to your father with his surgery


I told you! Yoga is the BEST! You just have to make sure you get in to the positions properly or you could really injure yourself. There is a yoga class for kids advertised at the daycare. I will get the info for you.

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