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Nov 04, 2006



I think that I have your dragonfly patch. I love it! It's so pretty.


Dang, that's cute. You are such a talent!


um, ma'am- this is adorable! i can't wait to see it up close- great work :) im so glad you joined!


This is sooo cute! I love how puffy and 3D it is.


The ladybug is beautiful...nicely done. As for the birthday candles on my daughter's birthday cake we bought the candles at Walmart.


That patch is so good you could sell it as a logo Like-- Say-- " My ladybug Coffee Co." or something catchy..you do good artwork, Paige and Noly are lucky to have such a good teacher.
DadiO xox

island jen

Suz, i send my patch to Faun (red button tree) and she collects everyones patches and then sends a different one back to all the participants. If I send two patches to her she will send me back two different patches. This is the first time I've ever done this, thought it would be fun!


Love it! I don't really understand the concept of the swap though. Do you have to add on to the one that gets sent to you and then send it back? or do you just get to keep it?


That is too cute!


Cute Patch! If anything, I'd add color to the leaves! Otherwise I think it's done :)

How long did that one patch take? How big is it?

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