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Nov 14, 2006



I love those oldies too - both vidio and audio, they are the best. Just about time to watch them over again...


Jen, you seem too young to be into the oldies of Christmas but then I guess that's why they are called classics. They totally bring me back to the day of record albums. I love your little cards, they are adorable.



Stay Safe! We Love you guys!!!!


I like your Xmas SPIRIT, i think kids help with the mood as they get so darned excited when you mention Christmas and gee they just can't wait to hear those bells jingil'in...
yes mom is the best at play'in those tunes around here near the holiday season - it's a Holiday rock of xmas songs all oLdies, or mostly old . Lol
Sleepy S Q L Y

island Jen

Mom it's so hilarious that you mentioned the Boney M song, I downloaded it too :0) and I told Ken it was your favorite.
Misty, I'm not baking anything this christmas with the exception of a batch of Poppycock... and that is still a maybe.
Thanks all for the compliments on the cards! I realized I forgot to put some buttons down the front of each man... they look NAKED!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CARD! You are so creative.
I like the sound of compote, think I will have to try some when you have some...


Yummy Jam.... I love Christmas time and all the good movies that come tv the classics are the best. White Christmas is my fav and also me and waistline agree with the baking. I have scented oils in the house and they all smell of gingerbread. It makes Joe sneeze but I love the cozy feeling it gives. And I also have to agree with good ol Bing...warms my heart with the voice Toodles


I love the christmas cards very whimsical and wintery with the blue background.
I remember snowy christmas cards as a child that had some kind of crushed glass on them that made the snow sparkle like real snow. You can't find them anymore.
My favorite and in my opinion the best ever christmas tune of all time is Mary's Boy Child by Boney M.
Your love for carols comes from being put to bed with them on the stereo even in summer. They were always an easy way to calm down the kids for bed.
Do you remember the christmas story record by Carol Channing I played it every night till you knew the stories by heart.


The cards are darling!!! I can't wait to receive mine!

Me and Collin are getting excited to see you too!!! And yes, we got the pillows! LOL

We should be there sometime Thursday night! (Fingers crossed for good weather through the mountains!!!)


The cards are adorable! Wish I had the patience to make them all by hand. Maybe when Tally is older and can help. :) I'll probably make them digitally and have them printed in 4x8's again.

Homemade jam sounds yummy! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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