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Jan 12, 2007



I do think it's pretty snazzy... but I'm one for having a lot of seperate items. Because if I ever had to send my iPhone in for repairs I'd also be without my PDA and iPod... which I cannot live without!

I guess I'll skip this fad.


ohh i know i'm such a techno gadget weenie. My sister and her boyfriend were just making fun of my yesturday cuz of all my gadgets.. wait till they see my new laptop.hahahahahahah.


Yes, I saw it and want it too. I always said that the ipod seemed useless to me because it didn't double as a PDA and a cell phone - I hate carrying a million things in my purse. They must have been listening to my wishes - now I just have to find a way to buy it!!


It looks good but does it fold in half like the "dial me up scotty" phones? ha
I'll wait a few years !!!!
DadiO xox


It is pretty...and I want one...but the touch screen would get icky with all the oils from your fingers. The germophobe in me has issues with that.

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