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Apr 24, 2007



After raising 3 boys farts are not that funny anymore, of course the boys still think they are hilarious.


Laughed till I got tears. Good one!


I should sign kevin up for that class - he'd be the best on there!!

island jen

She was kind of doing the 'wind releasing' pose wasn't she?? How embarassing!! But so very funny!!!

Love Squalor, I'm glad someone else shares my fart humour. How can you not laugh at that sound?


yes it made me laugh out loud LOL

love squalor

i hate to admit that i think so, but farts really are so funny. this really had me giggling!


LOL! That's hilarious!
There is actually a yoga pose called "The Wind-releasing Pose"... Imagine how farty those yoga classes get! HAHAHA

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