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Apr 10, 2007



Awesome blog Jen! I think you should get a job reviewing music. The Be Good Tanyas are fantastic, I must download some of their music. I also loved Elliot Yamin and since I don't watch T.V. I would have missed him otherwise.



Forgot to say that The Be Good Tanyas are fab too :-)


I love love love Regina Spektor :-) There's not much on my playlist as I don't have an ipod :-) I'm so behind the times, I know. Anyway, I usually usually have REO Speedwagon, Jimi Hendrix, Wilco, Mother Hips, and the Rolling Stones in my cd player in my car.


It's funny, Matt sounds alot like Jack Johnson. I love him.....and Amy sounds alot like Macy Grey..... Thanks for sharing your ear candy with us.....

island jen

Tanya, I used to love the 'Mortal Kombat' soundtrack to work out too. Currently I listen to a lot of hip hop at the gym (ie: Akon, pussy cat dolls, Nelly Furtado, fall out boy, okay they aren't all hip hop...) anything with a fast beat is good, I tend to listen to too much slower type music. Poo!


I love music....My main issue is good workout music to get my butt 2 the gym....itunes is that greatest....I have to new, the old, and the one hit wounder songs...one of my faves is Jewel....I love her music :-)


You guys are so much more into music than I am. I just listen and sing along without knowing who sings it, who wrote it and all that other stuff. Unless of course it is Nelly Furtado or Gwen Stefani - My 2 faves :)


yeah i definately am not in the loop myself. I've been listening to a podcast called bottom feeder by DJ Steveboy in the Groove electric category. I'm guessing you've never heard of that one hahahahah.

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