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Sep 07, 2007



ah...the terrible twos....i have two little boys in that phase right now...help me please...

great haiku!



ooooooooooh i remember it well...



hahahhahaha!!!! that is sooooo funny!!!! something how those terrible twos start at 18mos and end at um, never... that is whey they really get to this NOOOOO stage and insist on doing it all by themselves... so while getting a shirt on used to only take a mili second, it now takes a good five minutes... hehe... and that photo of your son is DREAMMMY!!! i wish you were here in milwaukee so i could give ya some business :D


Rotten Toddler! LOL Love it Jenny!

Blue Momma

If we hadn't just turned three, I'd think you were writing about my son! But to tell you the truth, three has been as rotten as two!


Those are great! My son is 22 mos old and we've been fighting the terrible two's for 5 mos.


Ah yes, the terrible twos ARE a force to be reckoned with, LOL!

Great haiku!

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