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Oct 05, 2007



I miss my coffee
Elimination diet
Will drink when I wean.

Mmm. I can almost taste it.


Yes, I most certainly do agree!


Coffee, yum. I enjoyed myself a pot or two today - I was up and gone for work by 5:30!

Secret Agent Mama

Java rocks my socks
I drink it everyday
It warms my soul well

yes i agree with non dairy creamer and sugar

Blue Momma

No coffee or tea
For me its just H2O
But still love Starbucks!


Indeed, I do agree. Great haiku!


I do love decaf mocha frappicinos from Starbucks. Wish I could do the caffeine, by nursing baby won't sleep for days if I do :(.

Anglophile Football Fanatic

Actually I am not a fan. I'm a tea drinker.


tasty with a shot of good
vanilla syrup.

(So yes, I agree!)

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