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Jan 14, 2008



Jen, I adore thrift stores and my girls jokingly call The Salvation Army, a department store. I can not even begin to tell you the amazing things we have found there but just tonight Mia (13) got a beautiful formal dress for a dance for $12 (and that's measly American dollars). As for potty training, I thought I would never see the end of poopy diapers but it does end eventually with no looking back. You are doing great with Nolan.



Good luck with the potty training. It sounds like he's getting closer!


I saw thpse HSM backpacks on my last trip to Wal-mart too. Did you get her one? Maybe Aunty should just buy up anything that says HSM on it... and she'll eat it up! (Just like Nolan with his "Cars" themed everything!)

Makes gift giving so much easier!!! :)
PS... I want pics of the socks, yes, I really do! LOL


Good luck with the pt'ing, we did a couple of m&m's as her reward. Day trained now, hoping to be night trained by next Christmas.

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