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Jan 09, 2008



Cook on sister. What keeps me from eating out is all the money we don't have to spend on it. I'm lucky I've got three who can cook. BTW, that was an amazing potato!



OH, just ask Paige about the roast. She ate a tonne! for a girl who doesn't like meat she loved this one - especially the carrots :)


Oh Jen, you're silly - I've been meaning to write about you for sometime now so with the news I figured now was the best time :)
I SWEAR by the clubhouse slow cooker pot roast sauce package - OMG it makes for some GOOOOOOOD Roast!


I'm trying to get away from eating out so often. I noticed on that site that it says McCormick for the USA, wonder if they taste the same?!? lol Might have to try a few of them.

That post from Suz yesterday had me a little teary eyed, such a sweet friendship you two have! :)

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