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Jan 31, 2008



I'm confused but glad it seemed to work out for you. I had to pay $158 for "running" a red light. I left when it was still yellow but I didn't bother arguing.



I'm glad too, for you and your rather beautiful stroke of good luck ! I guess at times we should give thanks for the things we have received as we are pretty lucky at asking for lots of good things.. Love You Guys.. Dad


Well then I won't say "whattts up" so you've been socializing with the fuzz, huh? My daughter Lisa got a ticket last year for speeding in a school zone, she was taking her son to school....yikes..... I had a run in the a policeman a couple of years ago. I was on my way to my daughters house, and turned the corner at a light which was green, and flashing lights started flashing and he put on the siren.....I think my face was beet red and my heart was beating so fast.......I talk 50 miles an hour when nerves, so I started in.....and he said my car licence expired....no I got it and put it on last month....so I had to sit there while he checked and his computer was down, so I had to go to licence bureau....he couldn't verify the fact that I renewed it...someone peeled it off....how they ever got it off I'll never know....but it cost $2 for a duplicate.... I didn't mean to ramble.....I never heard of anyone whose drivers licence was expired a whole year... didn't you have to retake the test? I would probably flunk.....I hope you days get better Jenn..... judy


What a day! I agree...just how fast were you going??


How fast were you going for it to be 100 more than the seatbelt fine? You bad bad girl! rotten antibiotics...now this? Guess this is why I love you so much - I live vicariously through you :)


The police were out in force at my son's school this week as well (school has just gone back, after our summer break, this week).

Since I got a parking ticket the last day before school finished (for being 5 minutes longer than the allowed time, oh well), I made sure I parked in a better spot this year. A good thing, as I saw two people get tickets for parking in the wrong spots - and that was in the minute or two that it took me to walk into his school!


You have a horse shoe up your butt!!! Seriously! Don't you just *LOVE* it when getting a ticket from the cops actually does make your day??? (Did you enlighten the cop about your recent renewal also? I'm sure he'd also see the good fortune of the situation! LOL ... ok, maybe not!)

I'm glad all is well!

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