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Jan 22, 2008



What a cute picture of Nolan and Paige... one you can show to his girlfriends when he dates....hehe....I haven't been by in a while, and am surprised to hear your moving. Is it far from where you live now...? And are you still doing any art... ? You are so good, I would hate to think your not painting anymore.....but it's understandable with two kids....they really are growing fast aren't they....well you have fun packing..... judy


HA!!! That photo is pure gold! The expressions on their faces say so much. It's brilliant.

I wonder what wise words Grandpa shared with Nolan? Perhaps you could hire him out... he could be the "potty-whisperer"

(p.s. I can't believe you can play the guitar left and right handed! That's insanely talented)


OK, that was me down there!

Hilarious, can't wait to see Nolan's reaction to this picture in about 10 years! I glanced at this picture at least 3 times before I realized who the "other girl" was! lmao


PS... What is family for? I am happy to help you guys out! And I think this will give Collin and Ken a lot of time to get to know each other better! (Come to think of it, I don't know Ken that well either!)

I just hope they can both behave themselves together! ;)

We are excited to have the rest of the family join him here in AB! I really miss you!!! XOXOX


Jen I am so excited about all of you moving out here.......I can't wait. I miss you sooo much


That pic is just adorable!

Congrats on the potty training breakthrough. I'm really hoping we get there soon!


Welcome to parenthood Jen! The real reason I work is to avoid housework - LOL!!!


That is just to freaking funny! Glad the potty training is going well. :)


OMG, I'm crying over here! That picture just about KILLS me! I think I'm going to bust a gut!!!

Keep the goodone's coming!

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