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Mar 05, 2008



Miss you, Kiddo. You still out there???

How are them youngin's?


Hey! :) I wanted to let you know where I got my backdrop from...it's actually a piece of fabric, and it's from ebay. :) Just do a search for toile and a few options should show up!


That's probably why it tasted good....Cute picture.... judy


Hey Jen! Great picture.

re: garlic - we try to keep the garlic breath to a minimum around here, but with all the Mediterranean blood in the family, garlic is in nearly all our food. What can I say? Some of us are just doomed. Down in Gilroy, where they grow garlic everywhere (you can smell it from the highway when passing through), they even make a garlic ice-cream. Can't say that I'm tempted, though. Doesn't sound that good to me!

Hey, are you moving away from Nanaimo? :( That would make me very sad, since that decreases the likelihood that we would ever meet considerable. Poo!

Oh, check out the new blog address. I started a new one. I hope I can be more consistent with it. Ever since my original blog got trashed by interlopers, I haven't really been up for a new blog. Maybe so now. We'll see how it goes...


Hi Jen, nice to hear how well things are moving along out in Nanaimo and Calgary, Carsland and Fort Macmurray for you me and the Family.
If the flavor of Beef - a - roni is our biggest problem I think we're a big success, hay? as for me i never liked the stuff and could never take it to work for a dinner snack , like a lot of my friends !!


GARLIC....for the love of God, Peter and Paul. I hate it. The other day I was at the gym and the guy next to me on the treadmill has such bad garlic breath I got off the treadmill......yuck!!!!


Are those pants supposed to be like capris?


Eww... galric breat! Collin had garlic breath the other day too, it is just nasty!

I hope Ken arrived safely! I hope you enjoy his visit!

PS... I can see Nolan loves the jeans I bought him! :) YAY!

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