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Apr 27, 2008



I will miss BC too, especially my fond memories of my summer visits! Now where will I go? Strathmore?!? HAHAHA

I can't wait for the Strathmore house warming party! Yeehaw!

PS... Looks like the kids had a blast at Paige's party! Fun times!!!


Just stumbled upon your site...
Hope the move went well...

Gee, I must have been gone for a while, I didn't know you were moving. Good luck. I like the way you say the weather "smartened" up. I thought of you the other days as we had a beautiful day in the park and my friend who was born in BC said, this is the kind of weather they have on the hottest days in BC. I admit I was jealous. We have hot humid stuff down here for practically the entire summer.


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