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Feb 02, 2007


island jen

Oh Tanya, I forgot about those nuts!! I LOVE THOSE!! I ususally get the garlic flavoured slivered almonds. But nuts and croutons are about as fancy as I get. I leave the fancy salads to Suz... she's the best.


I make this salad and I love it.
-1 Avocado
-Bag of salad
-Some Salad Sensations Nuts from Safeway (which ever you like)
-Greek Dressing

Makes a great meal!!!


Argh, if only I had a great salad recipe. I Are there really salad recipes? I just always throw a bunch of veggies in a bowl and call it a day. Here are some favorite ingredients: CILANTRO, corn, cottage cheese... I put cilantro in almost everything as it makes my tongue smile!

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