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Sep 21, 2007



What do you do with your time now??? The photography thing??? How did the 2 photoshoots go yesterday?


Yes, the three hours each day. Priceless. But with all of the volunteering in school, I think it works out to about 1.5 hours each day. Nice ku!

Anglophile Football Fanatic

Oh, I love the thought of school. My hubby told me my birthday present this year was SDs day at MDO. Assmunch.


Oh to have free time...sigh.

Great haiku!!


Great haiku. I often wonder what that must be like. A break? Ahhh yesss.

My little guys nap only last one hour if I'm lucky. :(


i can't wait till my boys are in kindergarten...i need a break!

Blue Momma

I'm with you on that one!

But then I'm so happy when it's time to pick him up....

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