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Sep 04, 2007


island jen

Mimi, it's come to my attention that Paige would prefer a full day of kindergarten. But she is used to a couple days a week of 8 hour days of preschool/daycare. She needs the entertainment. BELIEVE. ME.


Hope school is going well for Paige. I think it is nice to start with a half day. In most places in the US Kindergarten is a five or six hour day.



I love this pic of your daughter! She looks so much like a dancer here all graceful and stuff :)


My goodness! She sure sprouted over the summer :) That's an awesome picture. I hope her first day of kindergarten goes well :)


Isn't it amazing how fast Paige is growing up? I remember when E and P first met and they were only 2!! I love it. Paige is going to do so well in school - and she is going to absolutely LOVE all the new friends she'll meet. You will too cause that means PLAY DATES!!! See you soon,


That photo is perfect. and priceless. especially with the sun lighting it the way it does!

I hope the first school day went well - for her and you!!


Oh, I'm sure your first day will go well! All this fuss for a 25 minute day of school, caertainly does seem ridiculous! lol But fun!

And I can't wait to see Nolan again, with his new little accent! Will he greet me with "Cheerio, ol' chap?" LOL

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