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Jan 05, 2008



I loved the photos. The tubing looks so awesome. It is a personal goal to get up to BC some day. It looks wonderful.



Hi Jenn, I awarded you the Daily Dose award... you can pick it up at my blog.... judy

island jen

Jess, the idea of moving closer to you guys is all that makes me feel better about the whole thing. Ken and I look forward to many weekends without kids! Ohhhh the glory!


I really can't wait for you guys to move closer! I can't wait to have weekend sleepovers and finally get to babysit my neice and nephew! Weeeee!!!

It made my Christmas to see Paige and Nolan's reaction to Santa's visit! It's the first thing I recall when someone asks me "How was your Christmas?"!

Thanks again for the birthday wishes! :)


Looks like it's been a fun and busy couple of weeks! Happy New Year :)

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