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May 17, 2008



Looks like Ken may be able to give up his day job. ;-)



I have a question about your scrapbook layouts....they are darling by the way....but I was wondering, are they digitally done, and printed out, or are the pictures and writings attached to the scrapbook paper...because my printer won't print anything larger than a letter .... i don't even know if they have printers that print on scrapbook size paper, without being business ones....or is your album done only on your pc? I got my Corel Paint Shop Pro working again, and I want to do some more scrapbooking digitally, so I just thought I'd check.....thanks Jenn... I know your busy, but if you get a chance and could let me know.....thanks, judy


She's got the music in her.....Good Job Paige.....how cute she is.......... judy


she's learning the moves fast! She just may be a rockstar


Very talented. She has the moves right.
When she is old enough to read you will have to buy her a karaoke machine.


WILD..............little Paige what a sweetie. She is going to be a wild girl....you go girl!!

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