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Jun 09, 2008


beach bike

A simple twist of the wrist and you can move between the first, second and thrd gears with ease and the chain doesn't move at all Affordable Cruiser Bicycle.


The bike is adorable. Love the color. It looks a bit like an old fashioned bike. Remember to wear your helmet and be careful.



Haha! So glad I stumbled upon (ok asked for) your blog! :) Good luck with the bike riding, and I hope the sun starts to shine a bit more for you! If its any consolation, its been a pretty sucky June here as well...Take care!!


good for you guys - thats awesome :)
I asked Kevin for this bike for our anniversary in July...hope i get it!



Ah, yes... I took Robin to Sulphur Springs. I used to go there after work for FUN! LOL

I definitely would NOT advise any hills on that 3 speed bike Jenny... you'll be hating life! haha! I'm so glad to see you so excited about cycling again. I personally LOVE it, and think there is no better way to get your cardio in! Can't wait to see that Lime on you :)


I bought a bike last year, first one in probably about 10 years for me. Jess took me to a very hilly spot in Bragg Creek for my first ride on it, I think I've been on my bike once since then.But Byron and I are waiting for this damn rain to stop to start going for bike rides as well. Let's pray together that it does stop and let's the sunshine out again.

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