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Jun 25, 2008



I've been catching up... Your new town looks so pretty. I'm so glad everyone seems to be settling in nicely (apart from your allergies). Ask Paige if she would like a holiday to Australia, we need a pretty little social butterfly to help us meet more people. ;)

The new site design sings of a fresh start!


Blog looks good, only thing missing is your Flickr' pictures....but like you said you will add on.....boy the kids are getting big....and cuter by the minute...I'm glad that Paige has taken to her new enviroment...new schools could be ruff...but it sounds like Paige is out going and makes friends easily.... and Nolan, potty trained....little boys seem to be so fascinated by their amazing winkies (thats what my grandson use to call his)...LOL.....and what a break when they finally aim in that toilet....well you have a great week end Jen..... judy


The new layout is soo you! I like it!
I'm glad Kenny is done his shut-down too, hopefully we can join you for some campin', now that we have our new tent too!

Let us know when you plan on heading out!!


Hi Jen, I love your new design. I hate my options with type pad. I'm not sure if I have the ability to use photos as a banner. It is much nicer than the cheesy options I use. Good luck with camping. I think you'll have a great time.



Love the new layout. It is so bright. The pic of the kids is great


Love the new layout!! It looks awesome!! :)


Looks wonderful! I'm glad you all are doing well :)


Sounds like everything is going well. Love the new site design! :)

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