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Jul 10, 2008



Your "get up and go" came over to my house I think ;)


Long time no chat - scubadiva from tblog - always love your pics and stories.

He 'accidentally' caught a fish? I love it. Most people can't even catch a fish. (Last time I fished, I ended up with a double-barbed hook in the bone of my finger and had surgery!)



The slideshow is wonderful....the kids look like they are having so much fun....I like the laughing when Paige was holding up her fish.....the beauty of the sky, clouds and the water is breath taking..... you are great with that camera....you really should enlarge some of those and sell them....put them up on etsy....there alot better than some of them I've seen on etsy... judy


That picture should win an award...It is so awesome.....love it.....and about your moms birds......don't feed them gravel.....the story behind that is that when my daughter Lisa was going to college she live with a classmate girlfriend, and Lisa had two birds....she ask the classmate to feed them while she was on vacation.....when she came home she called her dad and said that they were laying on their backs with feet sticking up.....and Jim said to go touch them......I could hear her screem through the phone.....yep deader than doorknobs... so Lisa found out later that her friend fed them gravel instead of birdfood....hummmm... going to go let max out, and come back to see your slideshow.... give kids a hug from me, and I hope you and Ken find time to get away... every one needs that once in a while...


Fabulous picture! I hope your allergies subside. I have winter allergies, and that sucks too. Glad to see you're blogging again!

Laurie Lee

Your mama is trusting you with her birds? Does she know that you wash your fish bowls with bleach! Too funny have a great time, my friend.

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