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Aug 02, 2008


Edie Mindell

You're great with taking pictures. I love the picture in this post. I like the sweetness of your girl to her baby brother. They really love each other; it shows in the picture. Worth keeping as treasured memories in their lives. :-0


Thank-you so much for stopping in on my wee blog and taking a boo at some of my creations. I continue to make more so that I can bring them this weekend to the Oceanfest Market on Sunday =) Summer is leaving us too quickly only days until school is back in session and then the leaves begin their journey to the ground. At least for you (and my photog) Fall means a time of beautiful colour and picture opportunity!


nice pictures jen... very good.


Hmmm Allergies...Aren't they so much fun? Go to a naturopath or a natural store and let them know what's up. i cannot take allergy pills either so I just fight through the pain - it's not that bad for me though. You have got to be the best photographer I;ve seen. You amaze me more and more everyday and MAKE me want to learn so much more... I love that shot of P and N - they are like best friends :)

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